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REScue is Barbeque powered by Prime Meats at our new space in Red Hook called RES.

Join us for a garden Matinee featuring a menu of house-made sausages, hamburgers and grilled veggies from Prime Meats all grilled to perfection. We will have a cash bar serving a selection of draft beer, rose, “garden punch,” and refreshing cocktails.

When: Saturdays throughout the summer (see the calendar)

Where: RES 372 Columbia st (Red Hook, Brooklyn)

Res is an artist residency for chefs, a non-commercial environment where chefs from around the world can present their work — their very best work — to the audience of New York without being rushed or stressed. RES is located on the the historic Brooklyn waterfront. All too often, chefs who travel for collaborative dinners and other events are rushed, short on money, or unable to fully showcase their talents. At Res, we hope to change that.

Make sure to follow us on twitter for future events. We will be using our twitter handle, @resxres, to inform you about pop-ups, visiting chefs and other events we will be hosting at RES. Also, there is a list of upcoming events on our website

Food Menu
PM Hamburger 8 (cheese +2)
Hot Dog 5
Bratwurst 7
Grilled Veggie Skewer 7

Bar Menu
Keg Beer 6
Garden Punch 6
Cocktails 10
Vodka Lime-Aide
Gin & Tonic
Whiskey Sour
The Waterfront (Fernet Branca, Ginger Beer, Mint)